We cater private events in San Francisco and some locations on the Peninsula.  However, due to our commitment with the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department, we have limited availability. 


If you would like to know if we can bring the truck to serve ice cream at your event, please email Meg@twirlanddip.com with the following information: date and time of event, location, and number of guests.


If you would like to entertain a party of guests at our truck location in Golden Gate Park, please email Meg@twirlanddip.com with date, time, number of guests, and a general idea of your party plans, and she can help you with ordering and logistics.


If you would like to order Twirl and Dip ice lollies for your freezer or for an occasion, email Meg@twirlanddip.com with an approximate number and she will help with flavor options and logistics.