Twirl and Dip

Organic Soft Serve Ice Cream Truck *NEW* Brick and Mortar location 1717 17th St

Handcrafted organic soft serve, served in hand rolled sugar cones, cake cones, and compostable cups. With dark chocolate dip made from Tcho chocolate (served with an optional sprinkle of Maldon sea salt), plus a variety of decadent sauces and toppings, our all natural fresh fruit ice lollies, specialty sundaes, delicious ice cream sodas, and floats.

At Twirl and Dip Soft Serve, our ice cream is made from the finest, freshest local ingredients. We use Straus Family Creamery dairy products, organic fair trade chocolate from Tcho and Mama Ganache, and seasonal fresh fruits and herbs from the many organic farmers in Northern California. Our baked goods and toppings are made by us, and we hand roll our own sugar cones. We also create refreshing, all natural ice lollies, and we try to always carry one ice lolly flavor that is sweetened with a natural alternative to refined sugar, like honey or agave.

We are passionate about the ice cream delights we serve, and we are dedicated to bringing you the dessert you love.



Soft Serve Ice Cream

Organic Vanilla Bean

Organic Chocolate (fair trade)

Vanilla Bean / Chocolate Twirl


Ice cream is served in our handmade sugar cone, a cup, or a cake cone



Our soft serve ice cream, scooped ice cream, and ice lollies can be dipped in our hard shell dip

Dip is made from Tcho dark chocolate (fair trade) and served with the option of a sprinkle of Maldon sea salt


Toppings and Sundaes


Handmade Toppings

English toffee pieces – honeycomb candy – marshmallows* -- pecan pralines* – candied orange peel* – brownie pieces* – cookies* – chocolate chip blondies*

Our Sauces and Syrups

Dark chocolate – butterscotch - white chocolate* - milk chocolate* - mocha*

Seasonal fruit sauces*: mango - strawberry - raspberry - peach - blueberry

This week's syrups (flavors vary seasonally):  –  coffee - strawberry

*indicates not always available

Other Available Toppings

toasted coconut – toasted almonds – chocolate chips – Tcho cacao nibs – olive oil and sea salt – candied ginger – rainbow sprinkles – chocolate sprinkles



Featured Sundaes 

Toffee Crunch: chocolate/vanilla twirl, English toffee, toasted almonds, butterscotch sauce, chocolate sauce,  whipped cream, Luxardo cherry    

Honeycomb Dream: vanilla bean, honeycomb candy, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, coffee syrup, whipped cream, Luxardo cherry


Regular Sundaes

#1 Ice cream, dark chocolate sauce, toasted coconut, whipped cream, Luxardo cherry

#2 Ice cream, butterscotch sauce, toasted almonds, whipped cream, Luxardo cherry


2013-04-14 11.51.59.jpg

Handmade Ice Lollies

Ice lolly flavors vary seasonally

This week's flavors:  coconut - strawberry - mango - ruby grapefruit - spiced apple cider

Past hit flavors:  strawberry – strawberry/kiwi – strawberry/basil – nectarine – peach – peach/Riesling – watermelon/white pepper – watermelon/mint – grapefruit/Riesling – heirloom melon/honey – blueberry – blueberry/zinfandel – Meyer lemon – Meyer lemon/thyme – tangerine – blood orange – grapefruit/ Riesling – coconut /chocolate – coconut/ mango – coconut/agave– Mango – lime/cucumber - coconut


Chocolate dipped frozen bananas


Scooped Ice Cream and Soda Fountain Drinks

Ice Cream Scoops

Mitchell’s Ice Cream         

- Strawberry   - Grasshopper Pie   - Pistachio


Old Fashioned Ice Cream Sodas

Made with our available sauces and syrups


Made with cane sugar sodas

River City root beer – Maine Root Mixicane cola- Faygo cream soda