Organic soft serve ice cream

Vanilla bean
Dark chocolate
Vanilla-chocolate twirl

Seasonal flavors in shop include:

Strawberry, fresh mint, mango, fresh ginger, nutmeg, coffee, pumpkin, malted vanilla, Mexican chocolate, chocolate mint, and more! (we pair them to work well together in a twirl)


Dark chocolate dip made with 60.5% Tcho chocolate (with optional sprinkle of Maldon sea salt)


Hand rolled sugar cones



Toasted almonds, toasted coconut, Tcho cacao nibs, olive oil and sea salt, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, candied ginger, chocolate chips


Handmade toppings

Sauces - chocolate, butterscotch, strawberry*, mango*, peanut butter*

Syrups - coffee, lemon*, pineapple*, raspberry*

Candies and baked goods - English toffee pieces, honeycomb candy, brownie bites, marshmallows*, chocolate chip cookies*, pineapple upside down minis*, whoopie pies*, chewy caramels*

*not always available


Handmade fresh fruit ice lollies (vegan) - organic seasonal flavors, including strawberry, peach, coconut, mango, ruby grapefruit, lemon, cantaloupe honey, cucumber lime, Meyer lemon, tangerine, chocolate coconut, Cara Cara orange, watermelon lemonade, watermelon white pepper, more!


Frozen bananas dipped in chocolate (vegan)


Mitchell's scooped ice cream

Strawberry, pistachio, grasshopper pie, coffee


Floats (made with cane sugar sodas)

River City Root Beer, Faygo Cream Soda, Cheerwine Cherry Soda, Maine Root Mandarin Orange Soda


Regular sundaes

#1. Ice cream, chocolate sauce, toasted coconut, whipped cream and a Luxardo cherry

#2. Ice cream, butterscotch sauce, toasted almonds, whipped cream, and a Luxardo cherry


Specialty sundaes

Toffee Crunch: vanilla-chocolate twirl, chocolate sauce, butterscotch sauce, English toffee pieces, toasted almonds, whipped cream and a Luxardo cherry

Honeycomb Dream: vanilla bean soft serve with chocolate sauce, coffee syrup, honeycomb candy, chocolate chips, whipped cream and a Luxardo cherry


Look for our daily specials and staff favorites, too!